Christine Wood Corporate Headshot Nov 2013


“In the social media space, everyone is screaming. Christine makes sure you have the strongest, clearest voice.”

Social media has revolutionized the way business development strategy is formulated.  The question is not whether your organization can afford to implement a digital marketing strategy, but whether you will do it effectively and out perform your competition.

When you work with Christine, you’ll learn how to create stories that resonate, build connections that matter, and choose the right digital mediums for your social media and engagement campaigns.

You'll understand the impact digital tools and social platforms will have on your organization. Christine will even help you with your implementation.

Through Christine's research and insight, you’ll be able to pinpoint where conversations are taking place online. Her strategic thinking will help you determine which actions to take.

By creating a customized social media and public relations campaign just for you, you'll get noticed and understood. Christine knows how to turn business objectives into realities in creative, strategic and measurable ways.